Pompeii the Exhibition

Statue of a Satyr
Bronze, 1st century AD
House of the Centenary, Pompeii

Pompeii: The Exhibition is currently at the California Science Center till January 11, 2015. The exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy. You are given the chance to glimpse into the daily life and tragic end of this Ancient Roman society. Featured objects include frescoes, sculptures, gladiator armor, jewelry, ancient coins, and the highlight is full body casts of the volcano's victims. The majority of Pompeii … [Read more...]

The Nethercutt Collection

The Nethercutt

The Nethercutt Museum is a Southern California hidden gem. The collection features rare mechanical musical instruments and antique furniture to the true heart of the collection: over 250 American and European automobiles dating from 1898 to 1997. Unlike other museums, everything in the collection has been lovingly restored, maintained, and are all in working order. All the vehicles are all registered and driven on a yearly basis and can even be seen in the Tournament of Rose's Parade carrying … [Read more...]

The Bramble Incident

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll.   It was a fine establishment that fronted the Hudson River. A river town that dated back to the beginning of the country and the Hudson River was the lead into the interior of this country. The establishment had been there from 1854 and was renewed in 2003. It was situated directly on the river and had gained prominence as a boarding house for travelers to the interior of New York. The primary village was above us several miles away, … [Read more...]

Rides of Critter Country

Make sure to get a fastpass!

Travel deep into the backwoods of Disneyland and you will come across Critter Country. "Where the folks are closer to the critters and the critters are closer to the folks." Join the critters of the Briar Patch for a splash through the mountain, take a trip through the dreams of Winnie the Pooh, and get a really good arm workout as you explore the Rivers of America in one of Davy Crockett's canoes. From 1956-1971, this area was originally home to Disneyland's Indian Village which featured … [Read more...]

The Lemon Incident

Reservations required

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll.   It was date night. A fine village in Vermont, a fine historical Inn noted in historical paintings to stay in, a fine night, a fine choice of chef inspired meal private eatery located off the near mews that was limited to eleven tables, it was reservation only. We dressed accordingly, it was close to high society in a village in Vermont. I sported dress slacks of off-white, blue shirt, cordovan belt, matching loafers, blue sport coat … [Read more...]

Historical Visitations

Historical Inn
Conveniently located across the street from the ghost

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll.   We planned a Tour of the oldest part of the United States. A Tour to discover our origins, to take in the origins of our country. We planned on starting at the beginning, and take in the sights/sounds/smells/scenery/vista's of this country we belong to. We started at the landing point of the Pilgrims; Plymouth, Massachusetts. A historical tour is nothing if you can not stay in the sites. I did my research, and landed a room at a … [Read more...]

Rides of Frontierland

Sailing Ship Columbia

Frontierland is where you get to relive your childhood memories of being a cowboy or cowgirl in the wild west. Where coon skin hats are still in fashion and you can board a riverboat for a trip around the Rivers of America. Frontierland was one of the original lands on opening day and was described by Walt as a place where we can "...... experience the story of our country's past. The color, romance and drama of frontier America as it developed from wilderness trails to roads, riverboats, … [Read more...]

A Fourth of July spent in Julian, Ca

Julian Stage Line

Nestled in the Volcan Mountains there is the small old mining town of Julian. They are well known for their apples and the greatest little town Fourth of July parade in America. The parade and their apples are why we got up at the crack of dawn and made the three hour drive to this quaint town. Unbeknownst to us was that there was a fire raging close by and even though they had it pretty much under control by the time we got there,  the town needed to cancel the parade in order to keep the main … [Read more...]

Weird West Adams Tour

Alvarado Terrace Church

There is so much more to Los Angeles than meets the eye. Los Angeles is filled with great history and architecture. Unfortunately, a lot of the early architecture is gone, but the history still remains. A great way to immerse yourself into that history is by taking a tour led by some very passionate people. I believe Kim Cooper and Richard Schave, owners of An Esotouric ™  Bus Adventure, are just the right people to show you the history that Los Angeles has to offer. They offer several … [Read more...]

Rides of Adventureland

Hungry Hippo!

Adventureland is where your inner explorer can come out and play. You can board a steamer for a cruise to exotic lands,  join an excursion in the " Temple of the Forbidden Eye", climb Tarzan's treehouse, and let yourself be entertained by some very exuberant birds and flowers. Adventureland was one of the lands that has been at Disneyland since opening day in 1955. It is meant to resemble the remote jungles of Africa, Asia, South America, and the South Pacific. Once you walk into … [Read more...]