Domestic Travel

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll. The airport can be trying at times.  Full, crowded, alterations going on live while masses travel.  The best one can do is to just hang on.  Try to go with the flow as everyone else is doing.  Adapt to the lines, adapt to the trials, it’s all a matter of waiting when you travel in this day and age. To a certain extent the excitement and hassle has been taken out of it rendering it an exercise in patience and calmness.  Though you may want to … [Read more...]

Vatican Splendors: A Journey Through Faith and Art

We were very lucky that the second and last stop for the Vatican Spendors exhibit is the Ronald Reagan Library. The first stop in the exhibits North American tour was Philadelphia's Franklin Institute and then it made it's way to our little Southern California town of Simi Valley (Very Cool). The exhibit can't be away from the Vatican for longer than a year, so after it's stop here it will be making it's trek back home. Our visit was barely two weeks after Nancy Reagan had been laid to rest … [Read more...]

Croaking Karaoke Ghosts

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll. New Orleans has some long history.  Founded in 1718, it offers a nice well maintained view of life from Spanish control thru colonial ages, the rise and fall of the cotton era and the modern age.  A lot of living has happened in the oldest part of that city, the French Quarter.  And by default a lot of dying.   On top of basic humanity, we have periodic epidemics that show no fear in taking the life from all walks and ages of life.  Some of that … [Read more...]

Rides of Tomorrowland

Travel into the fantasy world of the future in Tomorrowland where you can zoom through space, fight the Evil Emperor Zurg, take a drive in a sports car, submerge into depths unknown, and visit a galaxy far, far, away. Tomorrowland has been part of Disneyland since opening day on July 17, 1955. It was the last land to be finished and due to budget cuts only a few of its intended attractions were actually opened. Walt Disney was fascinated with the future and wanted to show the public how the … [Read more...]

Christmas Around the World Trees-Ronald Reagan Library Room Two

We continue our trip around the world with President Reagan in room two of the Christmas Around the World Trees exhibit at the Ronald Reagan Library. Our first stop is in Portugal where President Reagan spoke at the National Assembly in Lisbon on May 9, 1985. The Portugal tree is surrounded with bright blue bulbs representing Portugal's stunning beaches and is sprinkled with snow and Angels. Portugal is one of the oldest countries in the world and Lisbon is one of the oldest cities … [Read more...]

Christmas Around the World Trees-Ronald Reagan Library Room One

We made the short trek over to the Ronald Reagan Library to view their temporary exhibit, Christmas Around the World. This exhibit has been on hiatus for six years and is the first time that we were seeing it. The Christmas Around the World exhibit includes 26 exquisitely decorated trees representing the 26 countries that Ronald Reagan visited while in office, as well as the White House Tree. The trees decorations range from the colorful Caribbean, the crystal of the Nordic countries, and the … [Read more...]

Holiday food at Disneyland 2015

Christmas time just started this past weekend at Disneyland and we were there to enjoy the decorations and of course to try all their holiday food offerings. I thought I would give a little run down on some of the yummies. We entered the park and as we strolled down Main Street we peeked inside the candy shop to see what Christmas delights they had. They had Snowman shaped candy apples, candy cane shaped krispies, red and green sprinkled chocolate covered marshmallows, and goodies to … [Read more...]

A trip to the famous Hearst Castle Day Two

We started off early for our second day of adventure at Hearst Castle. After learning yesterday not to sit in the front of the bus, I found a spot in the middle of the bus and had a chance to really enjoy the fifteen minute drive up to the top. Today was a gorgeous California day, the sun was shining bright and the sky was an amazing blue. Our first tour of the day was the Grand Rooms Tour and we were all gathered in the front courtyard of the big house where there was so much to look … [Read more...]

A trip to the famous Hearst Castle Day One

If you are looking to do something different, than a nice trip up the California coast to the famous Hearst Castle is just the thing. A beautiful three and half hour drive from Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast Highway, located in the small town of San Simeon, is where Hearst's "La Cuesta Encantada" (the enchanted hill) is found. Hearst Castle is a designated California Historical landmark as well as being on the US National Register of Historic Places and is a US National Historical … [Read more...]

Pompeii the Exhibition

Pompeii: The Exhibition is currently at the California Science Center till January 11, 2015. The exhibition features over 150 precious artifacts on loan from the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy. You are given the chance to glimpse into the daily life and tragic end of this Ancient Roman society. Featured objects include frescoes, sculptures, gladiator armor, jewelry, ancient coins, and the highlight is full body casts of the volcano's victims. The majority of Pompeii … [Read more...]