Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 9

Today was our last day in Spain and I woke up a bit sad knowing this. We had a really busy morning planned, so we grabbed a few bites to eat at breakfast and the four of us got into a taxi that took us to the top of the hill to Castell de Montjuïc. I would like to mention that our plan was to have a taxi drive us from here to our next destination once we were finished but upon being dropped off I couldn't help but make the comment that I don't think any taxi's will be waiting up here to … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 8

Our third day in Barcelona I decided to sleep in a little and by the time I was ready to go, Sissy told me she wanted to join me and Baby Groot for breakfast, which was extra special. After breakfast Sissy went back to our room and I took off to roam the streets of Barcelona. I had a few things on my itinerary and although some of them matched up with what Mom and Marion had, I had no idea which place they were at at this point because they had left earlier than me. I figured I would … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 7

Our second day in Barcelona was all about Gaudí. We had this day planned for months and we were going to rely heavily on taxi's, since most of what we were going to see was further out in the city, but I guess the taxi drivers didn't get a copy of our itinerary seeing as they decided to hold a strike on this day. At least we found out about the strike the day before so we were able to figure out what we were going to do. Seeing as there isn't Uber or Lift or any kind of car service available, … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 6

Today was our first day in Barcelona and I woke up a bit on the wrong side of the bed initially. I think because we had a very late night the previous evening. It took me a little while but I did shake it off. First off of course was to try out Hotel Colon's breakfast. On my way there I snapped a few pictures of the hotel, including our very spacious patio. The kids must have already come and gone already, so I grabbed some food and sat down for a little bit. The breakfast was okay. … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 5

Today I woke up to another glorious day in Valencia. Sadly, it was also our last day in this amazing city. We were heading out to Barcelona later in the evening but we still had most of the day to spend site seeing here. I made it down to the breakfast room right as the kids were finishing up and this time I ordered from their menu and got a freshly made pumpkin fritter. I took my time enjoying breakfast and then ventured out. I was meeting the kids at Museu de Belles Arts de València … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 4

Today was our first day in Valencia and I really didn't know what to expect of this city. I had spent more time researching Madrid and Barcelona, so I didn't really have any expectations for Valencia. All I knew when I woke up was how thrilled I was to be waking up in the amazing Caro Hotel. I had slept in a tiny bit but when I awoke I jumped out of bed looking forward to checking out the Caro Hotel's breakfast room. I knew that the breakfast room had been part of the old Arabian City Walls. … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 3

Today we were getting up early so we could catch the train to one of Spain's picturesque historic towns, Segovia. I wasn't going to miss out on breakfast so I got ready as fast as I could and ran into the kids again who had already been over to Starbucks and back. Madrid has two train stations and the one that we needed was the one that was further out, so we had the hotel arrange a taxi for us. We were only going to Segovia for the day and would be returning to Madrid before we had to … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 2

Day 2 began very well. I woke up refreshed and ready to start my second day in Madrid. First things first, breakfast. I loved, loved, the freshly squeezed veggie and fruit juices. I found that fresh veggie and fruit juices were very popular in Spain. The breakfast here would end up being my second favorite out of the three hotels we stayed at. And guess who I ran into in the breakfast room? I decided to crash their party and sit with them and enjoy eating my breakfast and … [Read more...]

Our Big Spain Trip 2017 Part 1

This year we embarked on a big family vacation to Spain. Unfortunately, we were missing one special part of the family, BILB (brother in law britches). He was unable to join us this year and we all missed his presence. I had been planning this trip for over a year and half and I could barely sleep the night before I was to leave. Mom and Marion had left one day earlier and were already on their way. All I had to do was get myself to LAX at the crack of dawn and catch the flight that would … [Read more...]

Domestic Travel

Contributed by guest blogger Southern Troll. The airport can be trying at times.  Full, crowded, alterations going on live while masses travel.  The best one can do is to just hang on.  Try to go with the flow as everyone else is doing.  Adapt to the lines, adapt to the trials, it’s all a matter of waiting when you travel in this day and age. To a certain extent the excitement and hassle has been taken out of it rendering it an exercise in patience and calmness.  Though you may want to … [Read more...]